State of the art sterilizers since 1963

Company History

1963: Foundation of the company by Mr. Antonio L. Ruiz in its first facilities in Florida, Buenos Aires.

1970: Quetzal introduces the EO sterilization technique in the Argentine, applied to the hospital and industrial markets.

1980: Quetzal is leader in the local market and builds the biggest sterilization center in argentine: the Children’s Hospital “Dr. Juan P. Garrahan”

1981: Establishment of the second industrial facility in Buenos Aires.

1985: Signature of the first contract with Johnson & Johnson for the manufacture of a EO sterilization facility in La Rioja, Argentine.

1986: Quetzal signs a contract with J&J to manufacture EO sterilizers for China and Pakistan.

1988: Quetzal manufactures and installs three sterilization production lines in Sao Jose dos Campos, at J&J facilities.

1989: J&J hires Quetzal to define, manufacture and install its biggest and most technologically advanced sterilization system, for its Albuquerque facilities.

1992: Manufacture and installation of three sterilization train systems in San Angelo, Texas, using the same technology defined in Albuquerque.

1998: Signature of contract with Boston Scientific in order to define and manufacture a EO sterilization research and development center in Minneapolis, USA.

2000: Quetzal starts fabrication of two complex sterilizers for Becton Dickinson: Destination: Korea and Brazil.

2007: Quetzal manufacture another pure EtO sterilizer for Johnson & Johnson do Brazil.

2015: Quetzal sign a contract with Cochlear Limited from Sydney, Australia, for the fabrication of high tech EtO sterilizer.

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