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Magnaflux 200 Turbo Sterilizer.

You are able now to sterilize all the equipment and surgical instruments in your lab, procure diagnosis and treatment without any restriction; wrapped in paper, textiles or plastic pouches hermetically sealed. This operation will be carried out in a record time, within a clean process for you, for the product and for the environment.

Magnaflux 200 has a high compatibility with any material and is capable to sterilize any instrument, including capillary sounds, lumens (DIN 58.948), multilumens, flexible and rigid endoscopes, fiberglass, electronic and photographic material, paper, latex, gum, PVC. All of them are hermetically conditioned in ordinary paper wrappers, pouches, textile or polyethylene.

Furthermore it fully achieves the requirements within the international environmental regulating frame.

  • The Best re-circulation System
  • Clean Vacumm System
  • High Capacity
  • Anticontamination System
  • Accurate Gas Feeding Process
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Express Cycle
  • Easy Record

Technical Data Sheet

Magnaflux 200 QG 80

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