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EtO Esterilizers

Sterilization Systems | Quetzal can offer complete automated sterilization process systems (tunnels) or stand alone sterilization chambers. Standard systems are available and custom systems can be designed to meet any customer requirement. All of Quetzal's systems are designed in accordance with the latest codes and standards including ASME, IEEE, ISO and NFPA standards. Whether you are a LARGE VOLUME or SMALL VOLUME producer of medical devices, we have a system that meets your needs.

Quetzal manufactures Ethylene Oxide sterilizers that can be designed to operate with any mixture of ethylene oxide or 100% EtO. Pressure vessels can be designed to withstand pressures that correspond to each specific mixture. All Quetzal pressure vessels (chamber & doors) are designed to comply with ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1 The sterilizer is available with single or double doors in standard cross sections and is available based on standard U.S. or European pallet dimensions. Custom cross sections including double - wide configurations can be manufactured.

The interior of the chamber including the door surface is fabricated from stainless steel, type AISI-304. The chamber is polished to a bright finish.

Offgassing Systems | Offgassing (or aeration) is a necessary phase of safely processing product by EtO sterilization. Quetzal offers several options to enable the reduction of EtO levels from products which includes:

  • Controlled temperature and humidity environment
  • High volume turbulent flow recirculation
  • Proportionally controlled discharge to emission control.

Preconditioning Systems | Preconditioning is a necessary phase of successful and efficient EtO sterilization. Quetzal offers several options for product preconditioning rooms including O2 removal chambers. The chambers and rooms are capable of providing rapid and uniform heating of product either at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum conditions, as required by ISO 11135.

Emissions Control Systems | Quetzal provides a complete line of standard or customized solutions for controlling EtO emissions from industrial or hospital sterilization systems either by applying acid scrubber or dry bed filters technology. Their ease of operation, simple construction, low cost of maintenance and excellent reliability make them an excellent choice to meet your performance requirements and comply with the required regulations.

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